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WORLD SCHOLARS 1st Semester Final Exam schedule
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WORLD SCHOLARS 1st Semester Final Exam schedule
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WORLD SCHOLARS virtual family literacy night
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Making Connections Fall 2020 PArent Meeting
Published 10/14/20

Published 10/06/20




Hello World Scholars parents, we want to share with you that our students and teachers have been very busy learning and teaching about digital citizenship during the last 3 weeks. As part of an initiative with Common Sense Education, for leading digital teaching and citizenship to our virtual and hybrid classrooms, your children have been participating in lessons that take on real challenges and digital dilemmas that they face today. These research based lessons are giving them the skills they need to succeed as digital learners, leaders and citizens. 

And now, you can participate in this initiative too! Below we are sharing a few resources that show our approach to digital citizenship, and that will help you navigate the ups and downs of raising kids in the digital age. Please feel free to explore these and join us as we form a community of responsible and effective technology users.

Video Library: What is Digital Citizenship?

Family Tips: Help Kids Balance their Media Lives

Help Boost Kids' Safety, Privacy, and Security

Help Kids Fight Cyberbullying and Other Mean Online Behavior

Parents Need to Know: Tips and Scripts for Managing Screen Time When School Is Online


Eduardo Arias
Instructional Technology Specialist



Hola padres de familia de World Scholars, queremos compartir con ustedes que nuestros estudiantes y maestros han estado muy ocupados durante las últimas 3 semanas aprendiendo y enseñando sobre ciudadanía digital. Como parte de una iniciativa con Common Sense Education, para dirigir la enseñanza digital y la ciudadanía a nuestras aulas virtuales e híbridas, sus hijos han estado participando en lecciones que afrontan desafíos reales y dilemas digitales a los que ellos se enfrentan hoy en día. Estas lecciones basadas en estudios de investigación les están dando las habilidades que necesitan para tener éxito como estudiantes, líderes y ciudadanos digitales.

Y ahora, ¡también ustedes pueden participar en esta iniciativa! A continuación, compartimos con usted algunos recursos que muestran nuestro enfoque acerca de la ciudadanía digital, y que le ayudarán a afrontar los desafíos de criar niños en la era digital. Por favor, siéntase libre de explorar estos recursos y unirse a nosotros mientras formamos una comunidad de usuarios de tecnología responsables y eficaces.

Videoteca: ¿Qué es la ciudadanía digital? (En Inglés)

Consejos familiares:  Ayudemos a los niños a encontrar equilibrio en su vida digital

Ayudemos a los niños a mejorar su seguridad y privacidad en línea,

Ayudemos a los niños a luchar contra el ciberbullying y otros comportamientos crueles por Internet.

Los padres necesitan saber: Cómo mantener a los niños enfocados y sanos mientras aprenden a distancia.


Eduardo Arias
Especialista en Tecnología de la Instrucción  


STISD Zoom AccounTs
Published 08/28/20
Students and parents, 
Starting today, students will have their own STISD Zoom account. Having students log in with their STISD Zoom account is the best way to keep the virtual classroom safe and will allow us to provide them with a productive, reliable and secure environment while they learn. 
To activate their account students need to refer to an email sent by our Instructional Technology Specialist (
Students, please make sure that starting on Monday August 31st, you use your STISD Zoom account to login into your virtual classes. Note that now only students using their STISD Zoom account will be admitted into the virtual classes. Please take the time to login to your account as soon as possible so that we can address any potential issues now, and you can easily and effortlessly enter your virtual classes on Monday morning. 
If you encounter any problems, please contact via e-mail or through Microsoft Teams. 
Thank you and have a good weekend.
 World Scholars


Published 08/17/20



Click here to begin your First day of School 2020-2021



World Scholars SMART RESTART 2
Published 08/11/20

Hello again Lions!

We would like to welcome you to the 2020-2021 academic year. We are excited to begin this new "virtual" journey with you.
Please take a moment to go over this informative presentation about what students and parents need to know to be ready for the new 2020-2021 academic year.
Parents, please ensure you have an Infinite Campus Parent portal account. Our communication method will be via the Infinite Campus portal. Please locate the Parents' slide and go over the material we have put together for you. Ensure you fill out the Registration Packet and send it to Mrs. Mariana Reyna at
Students, please take a moment to go over the Students' slide. This slide has important information about your digital platforms and your login credentials.
To access the informative virtual module, please click here or in the image below. 



World Scholars SMART RESTART
Published 07/21/20

Dear STISD Family:


As we shared with you last week, STISD will start the 2020-2021 school year on Monday, Aug. 17, providing solely virtual instruction to students at all six of our campuses through our Flexible Learning Initiative. This mode will continue through Sept. 27, pending any updates from our local authorities. 


As we continue to prepare for the upcoming school year, we ask that you please take a few minutes to respond to our brief survey regarding the technology your child has access to, or will need, for online learning. A separate survey should be completed for each child you have enrolled within our STISD high schools. Your responses are essential for ensuring we provide the technology and resources needed to set your child up for a successful academic year, so please select the options that best reflect those needs.


The health and safety of our students, families and staff are of utmost importance to us at STISD. We thank you for choosing our district, and we look forward to the opportunity to continue providing our students with high-quality academic instruction in the safest manner possible this school year. 


Thank you for your time and feedback



World Scholars SMART RESTART
Published 06/18/20


World Scholars virtual graduation
Published 06/04/20

In-person World Scholars 

Graduate “Walk of Honor” Celebrations

Class of 2020! 

Because you 🎸 rock it, seniors! An achievement worth celebrating!



Information regarding in-person

World Scholars Graduate “Walk of Honor” Celebrations

Seat selection for event opens online at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, June 5

Dear STISD World Scholars Senior,


Congratulations on your graduation from STISD! 

Graduation is a symbol of accomplishment and a new beginning, and it should be a time of joy for you and your family. We continue to do all that we can to ensure this is a time of celebration, no matter the circumstances. 

We hope you enjoyed your virtual graduation last weekend alongside your family and friends. 

To continue our celebration of the Class of 2020, we are pleased to announce we are holding STISD Graduate "Walk of Honor" Celebrations at the H-E-B Park in Edinburg (1616 S. Raul Longoria Rd. #9169) June 10-13. STISD World Scholars will have its event at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 10. Although not a formal graduation ceremony, this event will provide our graduates with the opportunity to experience their walk of honor across the stage and receive their diploma in-person.

The health and safety of our STISD community continues to be of utmost importance, and we are working with the venue staff to ensure the safest experience possible for all of our graduates, faculty and staff, guests, and H-E-B Park representatives. However, this cannot be achieved without the support and assistance from our graduates and guests. We want this event to be a special commemoration of this important milestone in your life, but we ask that you please be patient and understanding of the procedures and guidelines that will be in place to help protect all who attend.

Please take some time to review the Guidelines for STISD Graduate "Walk of Honor" Celebrations and the Prohibited Items List from H-E-B Park. 

Up to four family members are invited to attend per each graduate, or family, in the case of multiple graduates from the same family. We will be using the H-E-B Park ticketing system to accept the required RSVPs for the event and to allow for seat selection maintaining proper social distancing. Below is the link to follow to select the seats for your four guests who will be attending. The online system will open for seat selections and reservations at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, June 5, and seat reservations will occur on a first-come, first-served basis. All RSVPs must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, June 8. RSVPs submitted after this time will not be guaranteed a seat.


A unique passcode has been assigned to you by tomorrow morning.

The passcode will be assigned to four seats for your guests only. Do not share this passcode with anyone else. 


Link to H-E-B Park Ticketing System to Reserve Seats


We thank you in advance for your assistance with making this a joyous and safe event for all of our graduates and guests. On behalf of our administration and board of directors, congratulations, again, and we look forward to celebrating with you soon. 


Marco Antonio Lara, Jr., Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

World Scholars virtual graduation
Published 05/20/20


Virtual Graduation for World Scholars Class of 2020! 

Because you 🎸 rock it, seniors! An achievement worth celebrating!

We are pleased to announce that we will host a virtual graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 30. These ceremony will include many of the same components as an in-person graduation ceremony and will allow for a customized video clip of each senior in cap and gown experiencing his or her "walk."

The district is also looking into options to host in-person events for the seniors during the summer.

World Scholars Virtual Graduation Ceremony:
Saturday, May 30 at 7 p.m. 

The ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. We invite you, your family and friends to tune in and watch here on our website's graduation page, as well as on our South Texas ISD Facebook page. If you are unable to tune-in for the live graduation ceremonies, recordings of the virtual ceremonies will be available here after May 30.  

Links to access World Scholars ceremony coming May 30

World Scholars Logo



World Scholars Senior Parade Procession
Published 05/14/20

World Scholars Senior Parade Procession

Because you 🎸 rock it, seniors! An achievement worth celebrating!



·      Seniors are expected to arrive at South Texas ISD World Scholars by 4:00 pm on Tuesday May 19th  and park in the south faculty parking lot

·      Seniors, and families, will remain in their vehicles until approached by campus staff members


·      The parade is designed for seniors. Any graduating senior can participate

·      Participants will park and line up in the south faculty parking lot in front of the school entrance

·      Only immediate family may ride in each vehicle

·      One car per senior is allowed in the parade. Check-in and staging areas will be identified and communicated to seniors and senior parents

·      Everyone is asked to abide by social distancing guidelines and current county/city orders during the event for safety

·      Trailers will not be permitted in the parade

·      Students and families should remain in their vehicles at all times


·      Please decorate your car safely so as not to obstruct your view or cause a traffic hazard

o   Decorations should include “South Texas ISD World Scholars,” student name, and student photos

o   No electioneering, political ads or political displays will not be permitted in the parade

o   Music may be played from each vehicle during the parade—vehicles playing music with explicit and/or inappropriate language will be removed from the parade



World Scholars virtual graduation
Published 05/08/20


World Scholars Virtual Graduation

Because you 🎸 rock it, seniors! An achievement worth celebrating!

World Scholars COLLEGE scholarships
Published 05/06/20

Congratulations to all World Scholars students receiving a college scholarship

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Rising Scholars Smash Crew team
Jaclyn Buelow

RSA Esports participants

In its first year of existence at South Texas ISD Rising Scholars Academy (Rising Scholars) in San Benito, the Esports Club has already made a name for itself— nationwide. 

One of the Rising Scholars teams – Team RSA Smash Crew – was one of 20 middle school teams in the nation to compete in the Middle School Esports League (MSEL) Fall Major 2020 playoffs after qualifying from a nine-week gaming tournament. 

The seven-member team competed in the semi-final playoff round: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Crew Battle competition for an overall fourth-place finish. 

According to MSEL, the league aims to harness middle school students’ passion for video games through organized competition and provide beneficial academic opportunities. 

One of the Rising Scholars Esports coaches, Mr. David Rivera, expresses the positives he’s seen in each of the club members since starting the program. 

“This opportunity has served as a great social outlet, especially during these times,” said Rivera, “and also teaches students how to work as a team, provide positive feedback, take responsibility and make sure they keep up a high-grade point average to remain eligible to play.”   

The Esports Club currently consists of 32 members, and is looking to expand in the new year and prepare for a new season of competition.  

“Right now, the biggest challenge is getting rid of the stereotypes and making others aware that Esports isn’t just about playing video games. It’s a rapid growing sport that offers many academic opportunities and scholarships for students looking to pursue higher education. There is definitely more at stake than just playing a game.” 


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  • Rising Scholars Academy
Medical Professions Culinary Arts Student
Amanda Odom

Four years ago, Israel Ramirez joined the South Texas Independent School District (STISD) Career & Technology Half-Day Program to study Culinary Arts at STISD Medical Professions in Olmito.

Although at the time he did not have a clear understanding of what exactly the program would entail, he recalls that he could not stop thinking about all of the amazing new foods he wanted to try and cook. Little did he know that, after a few years in the program, he would be well on his way to making his dreams of owning his own bakery café come true.

Ramirez appreciates the technique and creativity involved in preparing meals and desserts, and he has always enjoyed watching cooking shows and videos, learning from the many great chefs that have come before him. His taste for culinary arts grew over the years as he watched his mom prepare meals for family get-togethers and parties.

His favorite holiday tradition involves making Bunuelos and hot chocolate with his mom and sister and staying up until midnight on Christmas Eve to open one present and then the rest on Christmas day. Inspired by his mom and sister, he dreamed of one day being as good a cook or better.

Although sometimes his concoctions do not end up working out as well as he imagines, he thoroughly enjoys cooking and coming up with his own combinations of ingredients to mix together to develop a new dish.

He attributes his success in the program to his instructor, Chef Victor Loya, who was firm, encouraging, and provided guidance all along the way. He fondly recognizes Chef Loya’s contributions to promoting his belief in his culinary abilities, “You made me realize that my dream to have my own bakery café, where people can come and relax while enjoying my pastries, breads and meals, is a possibility.”

The pandemic altered Ramirez’ participation in the culinary arts class, as he wrapped up the 2019-2020 school year and participated in the first semester of 2020-2021 from home. Although he admits it has been difficult not being in the Medical Professions kitchen environment with Chef Loya and Miss Rosie, virtual learning has had a positive effect on him personally. “Virtual learning has been a good experience for me because it has made me more responsible and independent. I think it is helping me get ready for classes in college by getting very familiar with all the technology virtual learning requires. My teachers can always be there to help if I have questions.”

As he wraps up his final year in the culinary arts program and prepares for graduation, he is looking forward to a sweet future pursuing the culinary arts program at South Texas College as he continues on his path towards owning his own bakery and café.

Through the STISD Career & Technology Half-Day Program, students with special needs can take the majority of their academic classes at their home high schools and take three career & technology courses and one core academic course at STISD high schools. The purpose of the program is to teach students in a real work environment so they gain a marketable edge in the workforce. Further, students gain the confidence they need to continue their education after high school. Graduates of the program have solid technical and social skills.

Bus transportation is free of charge to all half-day program students, and students have the opportunity to compete in academic extracurricular organizations such as HOSA-Future Health Professionals and SkillsUSA. For additional information, visit or call (956) 514-4257.

Israel's Special Holiday Recipes:

Buñuelos de Viento:


1 ½ cups all purpose flour
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp baking powder
2 tbsp sugar
2 eggs
¼ cup water
2 tbsp melted butter
¾ tsp vanilla
1 cup milk
2 cups Vegetable oil
Buñuelo mold
½ cup sugar and 1 tbsp cinnamon mix


In a bowl combine flour, salt, baking powder & sugar, then mix together well

Add eggs, water, butter, and vanilla and mix until well incorporated. Gradually whisk in milk and continue mixing until you have a smooth batter.

When ready, preheat 2 cups of oil to 350 degrees F in a medium skillet.

While you preheat, line a baking sheet with paper towels for draining buñuelos.

First dip the metal mold for buñuelos into the hot oil and hold for a few 10-15 seconds.  Gently shake off excess oil and press onto clean paper towels to remove excess oil. Carefully dip the hot mold into the batter, making sure you only go up ¾ of the way. It should sizzle! Immerse batter covered mold into the hot oil and hold for 5-6 seconds.

Gently shake it back and forth so it releases the buñuelo into the oil. Fry for just a few more seconds and turn gently, using metal tongs. Fry until golden brown. Transfer cooked fritters to lined baking sheet to drain. Repeat until done. Let cool and dust generously with cinnamon sugar mix.

Grinch Hot Chocolate


1 cup half & half
3 cups milk
1 cup white chocolate chips
Leaf green food coloring
Whipped cream
Red heart sprinkles
Christmas mix sprinkles
Corn syrup


1.     In a saucepan over low heat add half & half, milk and white chocolate chips. Whisk frequently and do not allow to boil. Continue whisking until the chocolate has melted and the mixture is hot.

2.     Add just enough food coloring to get a light green color and mix

3.     Use a brush or fingertip to rim mugs with corn syrup and sprinkle rim with Christmas mix sprinkles.

4.     Fill mugs with hot chocolate, top with whipped cream, heart sprinkles and Christmas sprinkles

Two Rising Scholars Academy students hold up toys they are donating to the RAK Club toy drive
Amanda Odom

The holidays will certainly feel brighter for some Rio Grande Valley children this year as a result of a collaborative effort between the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Club at STISD Rising Scholars Academy in San Benito and a local nonprofit.

The RAK Club held a toy drive from Dec. 7-15, during which time students and campus faculty and staff donated approximately 60 toys ranging from toy vehicles to dolls and games. Although many students continue to participate in classes from home through the district’s virtual instruction method, those learning on campus and from afar came together to give back to the local community.

On Thursday, Dec. 17, the RAK Club president, Cassandra Oropeza, and vice president, Renata Trevino, presented the donated toys to Blessings from Friends (or BFF), a local faith-based non-profit organization that works primarily with Child Protective Services and long-term foster home children. The items will be used as part of a larger campaign with another local nonprofit, Blue Sunday Child Abuse Prevention, which also supports children under CPS care.

According to the BFF website, the organization’s mission involves providing opportunities for children to be valued through celebration and provision of basic needs to build self-worth and self-esteem. Their services include providing basic needs such as hygiene, clothing and shoes, and providing life-enriching experiences such as birthday parties and celebrating holidays.

South Texas ISD Rising Scholars Academy is one of two middle schools within South Texas Independent School District. The campus serves 7th and 8th-grade students from throughout the Rio Grande Valley through a rigorous academic curriculum, enabling them to earn above-grade-level coursework and develop the skills and habits necessary for success in higher learning while still in junior high. For additional information, visit or call (956) 399-4358.

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Virtual holiday musical concert
Jaclyn Buelow

Eighteen South Texas ISD Preparatory Academy and World Scholars students taking Ying Ching Jeter’s music course set up their own personal music studios at home to drop their Holiday Music Concert for all to hear via a live virtual performance on Dec. 12.

Students aired three musical stylings – Ukranian Bell Carol, Jingle Bells and Dance of Sugar Plum Fairies – pieced together by World Scholars senior and music club president Anuschka Mai of McAllen.

Mai was able to utilize skills learned in her International Baccalaureate (IB) Film course at World Scholars by directing the entire ensemble, alongside Jeter, and editing each performer’s piece into one cohesive performance.

“We all worked hard to make this virtual concert as great as it could be, despite how foreign the process was,” said Mai, “and though it didn’t replace the experience of an in-person holiday concert, I still believe we created something meaningful and memorable given the circumstances.”

Mai shares that a big part of being in an ensemble is to hear how one fits their own sound into the main overall sound, and not being able to physically rehearse and get that in-person feedback and demonstration the class is accustomed to receiving, definitely required more discipline and effort from all parts. She credits Ms. Jeter for their success, despite the hurdles.   

“Our entire class has been restructured because of the times, yet Ms. Jeter has made it work for us all, and my greatest takeaway from this experience has simply been this: Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Ms. Jeter continues to go above and beyond to make sure the music continues for us,” said Mai.

The students mastered their tempos with the sound of a clicking metronome, with guide tracks provided by Jeter, and recorded their parts using their computer, phone, iPad or other visual recording device for their submittals.

Ensemble members ran into a few technical hiccups, but that didn’t keep them from submitting their pieces and contributing to the final production that we can now all enjoy.

“No matter what the times bring, the music continues, and we will continue to play,” said Jeter, “and that’s exactly what we did.”

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