Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning @ World Scholars

While our World Scholars Lions are away from campus, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to provide a quality education to all. South Texas ISD World Scholars will continue to provide this quality education via an online Flexible Learning platform beginning March 24, 2020. World Scholars teachers, staff, and administration embrace this opportunity to provide the most supportive environment possible for our students while ensuring that their educational needs are met.

We are transitioning courses to online flexible learning through Google Classroom following this model:

Google Classroom

Access to Google classroom

Students can access their Google Classroom accounts here: classroom.google.com

In order to ensure everyone has access to their Google accounts we have reset student passwords to follow this format: wsidnumber2020. Where you will replace idnumber for student's actual id number. 

Students join their classes by clicking Join Class and
typing the code of the class.
See a complete list of all class codes here. 

Technology Support

Need help regarding Google Classroom access
or have a question about the platform?

Review our tutorials here
or contact

Week 1