English, Math, Science, and Social Studies classes are required each of the four years. (Ex. Algebra 1 taken in junior high will require advance Math: Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, etc. in the 4th year).

• Two track courses must be taken each year beginning in 10th grade

• Pre-Calculus is required prior to or concurrently with Statistics AP.

• Physics is required prior to or concurrently with Biology II AP or Chemistry II AP.

• Concurrent/Dual enrollment courses are available during the sophomore, junior, and senior year.

• All Core Courses are offered at the Pre-AP, Pre IB, and/or AP level

• (AP-Advanced Placement).

• Cross Track Electives may be taken once a student has exhausted all their track electives during their senior year.

• IB students will work collaboratively with a mentor to write the required “Extended Essay.”

• ALL IB students will work on completing a community service project under the direction of our “Creativity, Action and Service”, CAS coordinator.
Once all course requirements and offerings are met, students will be allowed to choose from other track courses, or other electives, or independent study courses.

Social Studies